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Compassionate Acceptance for Life (CAL) is the business pseudonym for Cal Hilsman. Cal Hilsman is a Licensed Independent Social Worker Clinical Practice (LISW-CP).

Cal received his Bachelor of Social Work from Warren Wilson College and his Master of Social Work from University of South Carolina with a specialization in health and mental health. At USC, he completed the selective and rigorous MSW training program with the University of South Carolina Counseling and Psychiatry Services department, where he received nearly 300 hours of direct clinical training and experience of the highest caliber. After finishing the MSW program, Cal completed 3,000 clinical hours and over 100 direct contact supervision hours before becoming a Licensed Independent Social Worker- Clinical Practice (LISW-CP). Essentially, you can rest assured that Cal is well-trained in his field.

Prior to opening his private practice, Cal provided mental health therapy in the following settings: University of South Carolina Counseling and Psychiatry center, Carolina Survivor Clinic, Fresenius Kidney Care, South Carolina Youth Advocate Program, Safeway Psychological Services, and Telemynd.

One of Cal's passions is continuing education. He is constantly learning and growing as a therapist. He has an Advanced Certification in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), a unique modality specifically geared toward optimal results healing from trauma, but also effective with other concerns. Many therapists are trained in EMDR, but not many are certified; certification requires an intensive one year experiential training program in addition to other specifications. Ask Cal if this method, or aspects of this method, might be right for you.

Cal brings a unique array of life experiences to his practice, which allows him to connect with people across the lifespan. A few of his life experiences include playing college tennis at Clemson University, working for an environmental conservation company for several years in the southwestern USA, and co-founding/running a soccer and tutor program for refugee youth. He currently lives in the midlands of South Carolina with his wife and son. In his free time, Cal enjoys spending time outdoors, connecting with family, and reading.

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